Paw Paw Victorian

The homeowner had lived at this residence for many years and knew the importance of removing her personal items before placing it on the market. Since she would not be living there once it was listed, I had her keep only selected pieces of furniture that was then placed in locations throughout the house to stage each of the (12) rooms with its own identity. A few of her accessories were used to help solidify with a potential buyer possible uses of the spaces.

Moving from your home is no doubt very stressful. However, I strongly encourage that you go through the process of weeding out items that you have not used and will not fit into your new space BEFORE packing. Create an area for donations/garage sale where items can be placed and you can easily fulfill the purpose of disposal. Accomplishing this will make a dramatic difference when you move into your new space. You will find yourself quickly knowing where the items in each box will be placed in your new home!

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